Summer is leaving, what’s next for outdoor activities?

During summer and hot seasons the easiest activity for the whole family is very clear: water! In any form! Yeah, this is how you make fun at your garden. It doesn’t matter if you own or not a pool, you can buy an inflated one, you can refresh yourselves with a hosepipe or even you can have outdoor yard fun with a simple bucket. As long as you have water you rule.

But what happens when summer ends? Can you still enjoy your backyard or garden? What are the autumn-winter garden activities? Heads up! For sure you can still have outdoor yard fun in autumn and winter. Just keep reading to grab some fun outdoor activity ideas.

What are the winter garden activities? A no exhaustive list:

- Tire swing

As easy as a tire and a rope. Choose a solid tree and create a swing that you can enjoy during autumn and winter. Just wear a good coat!

- Gardening

You can spend some time with the classiest garden yard activity: cultivate. Flowers or vegetables. Pumpkin is a good choice as it will help you too some weeks farther to perfect your autumn or Winter garden decorations.

- Sensory tables

Fill a bin with different elements you can find in your yard in autumn: leaves, branches, sticks, stones…then let your children play with it, bring their toys in, like cars, or animal toys.

- Tight rope

A rope and two trees, that’s all you need for enjoying your yard in autumn and winter. Try to walk the line, easy? Not at all!