With patio furniture, you can extend your indoor style to your landscape or try something completely different.
You can mix and match for an eclectic feel. One important consideration, no matter your style, is how well your furniture will hold up to your weather conditions, including moisture, hot sun and strong winds.

More expensive pieces tend to be of better quality and longer-lasting, but don’t use that as your only guide. Check out how well each piece is made and educate yourself on the pros and cons.

When it comes to easy-care furniture, aluminum is at the top of the list. It’s tough enough to stand up to almost anything Mother Nature can throw at it and requires almost no maintenance.
It’s also less expensive than many other options.

Pros. Inexpensive, lightweight, naturally rustproof and highly durable, especially when coated with a finish. Pieces are available in a wide range of styles and finishes. Cast aluminum is very durable. A good choice for seaside locations if wind isn’t a problem.


Cons. Hollow aluminum is not a good choice for windy areas. It can retain heat from the sun. You also may need to add cushions for comfort.

Cost - Send an inquery to our customer service here to gain competitive price from Gardenart Aluminum Outdoor Furniture.

Why you choose from Gardenart:
Strong construction and a minimum of welds or joints in longer sections;
stainless steel or other rustproof hardware. Powder-coated finishes are the most durable.
Maintenance. Clean periodically with a mild soap and water. Cover during winter for added protection, or bring indoors.

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