Chinese enterprises in Australia is keen to develop off-season sales opportunity. People' Daily in Sydney Reported ( by Shengchu Yi )

Since Australia and China signed a free trade agreement, Australia, as " Marine Silk Road" along the country, attracting more and more Chinese companies look to the southern hemisphere project table  markets. For some Chinese companies produced seasonal products , the seasonal differences in opposite hemispheres can open up new sales channels for the off-season. Recently, the reporter interviewed just ASX -listed Chinese companies international oneallinternational, the company managing director, co- founder and co-CEO Cao Jianhui explain the Australian market from a unique perspective . Oneallinternational owns the garden furniture brand name 'Gardenart' with excellent brand image in normal Euro countries. Cao Jianhui said the Australian dollar international market is of essential for the production as well as design of outdoor furniture. In the northern hemisphere, every winter the company will be engaged in production and sales relative to the main part of the summer season .

Oneallinternational Australia can be seen as the largest off-season market in the southern hemisphere's , open up good market in Australia can be obtained when the domestic season more Order Single , for glass table  production operations, stable staff and other aspects have a positive effect. From the viewpoint of operating strategy , the company has established a stable customer base in the European market , the expansion of the market for the northern hemisphere markets has been strongly support the Australia expansion listing in Australia , New Zealand. Sino-Australian free trade outdoor sofa  agreement is expected to enter into force as soon as possible, Cao Jianhui also said he expects the logistic expense reduction for the competitiveness of enterprises, enhance the product's appeal brings . He said the state of the strategic decision to reduce the barriers to trade in Australia , I believe in the future there will be more Australian import and export enterprises benefit from.

Cao Jianhui also mentioned enterprise from the beginning positioned to insist on doing original design manufacturers , has been toward the direction of development of own-brand production , which also makes the company at both ends of the "smile curve" . High value-added service of the high profits and high growth of the company share in the international market has been increasing. He said he hoped the industry internationally can see Chinese enterprises will not only create a lot of cheap goods, but have independent innovation capability , may equally compete with international brands . It is reported that the company's design Mountain Picnic Table in March 2015 received "As the design Oscar Award " of the German Red Dot award. Check out Gardenart's collection through here.