As day get lounger and warmer, we enjoy our afternoons for reading with natural light, comfortably lying in a yard lounger. On weekends we can enjoy from mornings to evenings, all day long on our lounger, getting sun kissed and slowly tanning our legs.

The lucky ones that can enjoy a swim pool, if they’re brave enough, they have a splash and then they get dry under the sunlight lying on their yard lounger. No reason to worry if the lounger is the model York, from Garden art, because it bears it all. Well, just worry not to fall asleep under the sun because it is so comfortable, that you’d love to take a nap on it. This sun lounger is adjustable to four reclining positions to suit your comfort level. You’d glad to take a nap or read a good book on your yard lounger.

Manufactured in aluminum and synthetic rattan, delicately twisted, the York lounger bears it all: rain, hard sun, sea breezes. Yard lounger, beach lounger, home lounger or catering lounger. The York lounger fits every environment or decorations style, thanks to its stylish and elegant design. It has two wheels making it easy to move, and because of its aluminum manufacture, it’s light and easy to carry. And like all the Gardenart furniture, we are so convinced of our quality products that we stand behind them with a ten years warranty.