Gardenart Furniture- Purchase All Your Furniture Under One Roof

written by: Esther Jeanette Gardenart Furniture- Purchase All Your Furniture Under One Roof

Gardenart was founded in 2001 and it has grown tremendously from that time. It was a furniture trading company but now it is the leading company in outdoor furniture. In 2015, the Gardenart product, mountain outdoor furniture , was introduced to both public and private gardens. This design unites two bench seats with a large scale table. The sophisticated arrangement of this product offers a comfortable seating.

Gardenart has a variety of products for instance:


Outdoor Tables And Chairs .

Gardenart Chairs

Gardenart is providing unique and existing designs of the conversation chairs, bar height chairs and the dining chairs. These chairs have been designed to provide perfect dimensions to give you the desired comfort according to somatology. Somatology is the study of physical nature of human being. You can, therefore, use these products comfortably without worry all day long in your outdoor hours.

The garden chairs are made from aluminum material. We choose aluminum in our products for the reasons below:

It is a strong material that can endure the outdoor weather.
Aluminum is rustproof and has a considerable light weight
The aluminum can be coated with different colors thus our clients can have a variety to choose from.
Aluminum plate and aluminum slate chairs has a modern look inspired by the Europeans. This enables our chairs to come in different shapes and styles.

With a combination of aluminum frame, we give breathable, weather friendly and easy care sling mesh. PE core and the PVC coat wove the mesh that is strong and elastic to provide you with hours of comfort as you enjoy your outdoor time. We bring out the elegance of the indoor finishing furniture to the outdoor by covering the aluminum frame with a sling mesh.

Other than the sling, we also add a sustainable harvest teak wood on our chairs. The perfect outdoor material to put in your garden is the natural and durable teak that will turn into silvery grey when exposed to the outdoor environment.

Gardenart Awards

The Gardenart Company has showed cased their products in several events. In 2015, Gardenart product, mountain emerged the best thus winning the RedDot award. RedDot is a trademark that highlights and constitutes quality difference internationally and is a quality cover for every good design. Mountain outdoor furniture , was conceived for both public and private gardens

What to Consider When Buying Furniture From Gardenart

With the right accessories and furniture, you can turn your garden to be your favorite space. Deciding on the reliable style for your garden and furnishing will be a determinant of how your results will be. By consulting Gardenart, this could be one of the easiest plan/renovation you have made. Tips to get you the best product;

1. Space

How small or large is your garden? The size will significantly determine the type of furniture that you will purchase and its size. Choose the furniture that will fit in your garden. Remember that the Gardenart has a variety of sizes that can fit in your compound.

2. Storage of the furniture

You should also consider the storage of the product. If you do not have adequate space to store your furniture, consider those that can withstand all weather conditions. Aluminum used by the Gardenart will give you this. The furniture that we sell you can withstand all weather conditions, thus you do not have to worry about the furniture being affected by climate.

3. Consider your budget

This is one of the most important factor that you need to find. How much are you willing to spend in purchasing the furniture? The figure that you already have in mind will determine the quality, kind, and quantity of furniture that you will purchase. Having formulated a budget already, you can start looking for the best offers in our firm and then select only the furniture that you can afford.

4. Make Comfort Always A Priority

The way your garden is set up can significantly affect how you will feel spending your time there. A comfortable garden means that you will get time to relax and relieve your body from stress. To keep the creative juices flowing, get dining table  furniture which will make you feel cosy and comfortable, all asleep on a couch; instead, you can get a couch.

5. Colour Matters

Our brains take cues from colours. Even though blue is your favourite colour, it is also not recommended that you paint every hotel furniture  in your bright garden crimson. While we may have physiological reactions to specific colours (for a majority of people, red make the heart and pulse increase). Other people may also react to certain colours because of memories or experiences.

When choosing a colour for your garden s furniture chose one that has a calming effect. These colours include gray or blue. You can also go for accent colours such as yellow which will bring life to your garden.

6. Minimal D cor is Much Better.

Less decorations are way much better. If you keep your d cor at a minimum, you will find that d cor is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

7. Know Your Wood types

Furniture made from wood falls in three different categories: neneers, solid wood, and composite, or practice board. Solid wood is typically pricier when compared to other wood types, and it looks great. However, they are vulnerable to water rings and scratches. Veneers have a cheap wood base protected by thin layers of better-quality wood. Composite wood and particle board pieces are built from a combination of both resin, plastics, and wood pulp. Basically, they are the scraps of the world of furniture.

8. Avoid glue and nails

Search for wood that have been joined at corners and ends, not glued, or nailed. These are known in the manufacturing world as wood joinery. These pieces are heavier and can add the overall weight of the furniture.

9. Inspect the legs

The legs of the furniture must be heavy, wood, and fixed to the frame of the sofa or chair. Metallic, rubber and plastic legs do not look very appealing, however, select furniture with legs that will last long.

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