Aluminum furniture. The general framework is aluminum alloy, should be selected by the paint and waterproof aluminum alloy material, this material is the most able to withstand outdoor wind and rain.

Rattan furniture. Really rattan furniture easy to crack deformation, raw materials scarce. So the outdoor should use PE rattan, smooth and delicate surface, smooth, with high strength, good flexibility, strong air permeability, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, hot and humid ability, mildew, easy to dry deformation, easy to fade.

Cast aluminum furniture. Divided into sand casting and die casting two processes. Sand casting surface roughness, strength and hardness is relatively low. Die-casting products, high dimensional accuracy, no pores shrinkage defects, smooth and delicate surface, the strength of sand casting aluminum 25 to 30%.

So consumers use furniture in the outdoors, the best choice for die-casting molding of aluminum furniture.
In the outdoor tables and chairs of the material recommended to use these three, in the outdoor use do not have to worry about the wind and sun.