Clean wood furniture, most of the time, you need the only equipment, clean wood furniture is a soft dry wipe dust. If the wood is still dull or dyed, half olive oil a teaspoon of light rain to a quarter, a cup of apple cider vinegar (light wood, or if that is where you have white vinegar on hand), gently swirl two Ingredients together, then immersed in the corner of the solution with a clean cloth, rubbing the wood. If this leaves behind a slight oily film, you can use the dry cloth part of the buff.

Clean cushions furniture, interior cleaning usually with a vacuum cleaner brush accessories pick up loose hair, debris and other debris beginning and end. But if a piece of padded furniture is dyed, older, or fashionable enough to require more thorough cleaning, the key is to use as little water as possible. To do this, pour ¼ cup of detergent, stir the bowl 1 cup of warm water, and then use the electric mixer into a thick foam solution. Use a soft brush to gently wipe the foam on the surface of the interior, then use a rubber scraper to scrape them away and rinse a little damp cloth to wipe. After that, let the interior be completely dry and sit there again.

Cleaning leather furniture, leather interior cleaning can also be handled, in most cases, with a vacuum cleaner dust brush. To remove the dirt from the ground or scabs on the finished leather, all you need is a little bit of soothing soap (olive soap is good but with good results, I also use all natural handmade soap) To create a light bubble. Work until the stains stain the leather lift foam, then rinse the soap with water and another wet cloth and the third cloth thoroughly wipe the area. In order to ensure that the leather does not dry up after the wet, you will want to apply for leather machine, a very small amount of olive oil, polished surface, will do the trick.

Clean suede furniture. The suede is essentially leather, but the above method assures you to destroy your suede finish to clean the finished leather. Water and suede do not get along. If you have a real suede furniture, you should also have two cheap tools: a small goat brush and suede rub. In a critical moment, dry toothbrush and clean rubber do, but this is an example, which specializes in the work of this tool to do the best job. Wet stains should be gently applied with paper towels, dry marks or stains can usually be wiped with eraser suede. Suede brushes can be used to solve more stubborn stains and should be used to keep suede on a regular basis.

Ultrafine fiber cleaning furniture, ultrafine fiber fabric is called the ability to reject the liquid, so if you quickly dry the leak, this may be necessary to clean the degree. If you are dealing with a dry stain, you can clean the ultrafine fiber furniture with two tablespoons of cleansing cleanser dissolved in distilled water two cups. Gently wet the soapy water and clean the sponge gently wipe away the stains, working outside the edges inward. Once the stain disappears, wipe off the soap residue with another piece of clean sponge and dipped in pure distilled water. When you must be ultra-fine fibers are soap-free, or let it naturally dry or use the hair dryer in a cool environment to speed up the process.

Clean the courtyard furniture, the best way to clean up the outdoor furniture depends on it is made of material, but in most cases you can simply spray some biodegradable detergent such as the seventh generation into a barrel of warm water. Please wash the plastic garden furniture or any metal garden furniture with soft cloth and plenty of soap, including aluminum and wrought iron. Uncoated plastic furniture can also be used with baking soda and water thick paste, if the cleaning detergent will not do the trick. Wicker furniture, used outdoors, should be taken at night and in bad weather inside to prevent it from deteriorating. This will also help keep clean enough, it usually only needs to be cleaned with a brush. If you need to really clean wicker furniture, brush with a brush, head soaked in salt water. Do this in hot or windy days, if possible, so the wicker is done very quickly. You can guarantee that the rattan furniture is cleaned a few days after it is completely dry before you can use it again to keep its shape.