Furniture care and maintenance


Frame: washed with mild soap &water solution, rinsed with clean water & dried with soft cloth.Do not use solvents or bleach.

Sling/Cushion fabric: Clean all fabric by brushing off loose dirt & dust.When dry, sponge with a mild solution of soap in warm water. Do not tumble or spin dry, machine wash, dry clean or bleach.

Rope: Use a microfiber cloth with water to remove dust from the rope,do not use a bursh to clean the rope anytime to aviod fuzzing

Ceramic: Use a microfiber cloth to remove dust from the surface. If liquids are spilled,pls use warm, damp cloth dipped with gentle detergent to clean and then use clean cloth to dry immediately.

Teak: Unless teak oil is regularly used,teak will naturally weather to a silver grey colour.

Glass: Keep glass dust free to avoid scratching.Use mild soap and water or commercially available glass cleaners.Do not use abrasive material or cleansers. Hot items should not be placed directly on the tables.

Product should be cleaned regularly, the wood oiled and a protective cover used when the furniture is not in use. In areas of high content of salt air; pollution & moisture require more frequent cleaning.