Enjoy an amazing furniture shopping experience in Spain

Sunny Spain is not a topic. Spain is a beautiful country with a beautiful weather, it allows you to enjoy outdoors 300 days a year or even more. Spain provides too a large choice of shopping, with the nice weather you can really have an amazing outdoor furniture shopping experience in Spain.

Gardenart is present in some hot points of the Spanish geography, specially those close to the sea, like the islands: canary and Balearic. But Gardenart made the choice to be present twice in a vibrant city in Spain: Barcelona. Indeed, you can find two outdoor furniture stores in Barcelona where you can have a choice for garden chair set buying in Barcelona. Or any of the high quality outdoors furniture displayed in our stores..

Barcelona is very well located in Spain, with a large coast frame and close enough to France to attire lots of French tourist. All year long you can find foreign residents that decided to purchase a place at any point of the catalane coast. In order to furnish their places, we propose two recommended sun bed patio furniture stores in Barcelona.

Spanish or foreign, everyone can choose to have an outdoor furniture shopping experience in Barcelona at any of the two stores where Gardenart is present. Outdoor coffee tables, sun beds, styled sofas, everything you can buy in sunny Barcelona.

For further information, please check our retailers section to know where you can find our patio furniture stores in Barcelona. You’ll find our other outdoor furniture store addresses too, in France or Spain. We’ll be delighted of your visit!