With the people most natural, leisure life improvement, outdoor furniture has gradually sought after by everyone. Outdoor furniture is usually made of cast aluminum, aluminum alloy, wood, imitation rattan and other materials, imitation rattan as the most common outdoor furniture raw materials, we must be very careful when buying. Quality of the rattan on the body, the economy will cause damage, and some smell of the smell of rattan on the human body is damaged, and some rattan in the outdoors for some time there will be broken, into powder and other state. So today we teach you four steps to easily distinguish the quality of imitation rattan furniture.

The first step: look at the appearance. First look to see with the eyes, good rattan appearance particularly rounded, full, there is no gloss, no insects, no crack where the good rattan toughness is good, no matter how curved will not crack.
Step 2: Look at the details. Rattan furniture is a pure handmade products, good furniture even in the cross where the preparation will be compact and uniform and dense, but not the phenomenon of broken rattan, when you feel the time by hand it is particularly good resilience.

Step 3: smell the smell. Good rattan furniture, varnish protection is also very good, under normal circumstances, you can directly use the nose to smell, there will be no kind of particularly pungent taste, which is different from other rattan furniture, because it is also A very critical place, the protection of this grease is very critical, directly affect its life.

Step 4: Look at the firmness. Rattan furniture, although flexible, its firmness and durability is very good. In the purchase of rattan chair, you can force the position of the armrest, good rattan chair is not easy to tremble.