Your home’s interior design speaks for itself. Whether you’re drawn to modern, contemporary, or boho, you need furniture that represents you. For choosing your indoors decoration, you need to consider two things: design ansd maintenance, this is manufacture and how easy si to clean and take care of your table.

If you’re looking for modern glass tables, Gardenart brings to you the model Lisbon. Modern and classic, its color combinations and depurated lines allows you to fit to any style. The table’s frame is in aluminum, and available in two colors: gray and white. The glass is 8mm thick and avalaible in both colors two, gray and white. You can choose if you’d like to have a mono color glass dinning table or a mixed colors glass dinning table.

Lisbon glass table was initially conceived to be used outdoors and entertain all your family and friends in your garden. But its classiness allows it to be invited indoors too and you will easily seat all of your friends or family members with it large size of 1’55X1’55. So you’ll be able to make large dinners in your dinning room with everyone comfortably installed in a modern glass table all year long.