La Vida aluminum chair is a piece of furniture that, following the Nordic style that inspires it, allies curves and straight lines in a metal chair model, conferring to the chair an amazing design. La Vida is an aluminum chair, with a smooth and flawless surface, where the powder paint coat shows off extremely well. So you can find it in two vibrant colors: clean white and modern black. It doesn’t matter in which color you choose your garden chair, because in any case La Vida chair will adapt to any decoration.

This aluminum chair is versatile and classy, so you can use it outdoors but indoors as well. You can give it a personal use, at home; or a professional use, perfect for restaurants and cafeterias.

La Vida is an aluminum chair perfect for cafeterias or restaurants mainly for two reasons. First, its cozy design makes it resilient, it can adapt to any kind of cafeteria, restaurant or terrace just by picking the color. Secondly, it’s its manufacture, because the chair is in aluminum so extremely resistant. La Vida is an aluminum chair perfect for outdoors cafeteria, you can leave it under the rain or under the sun rays, and it will keep going as brand new.

Another good point for this metal chair perfect for catering business, it is stackable. You can pick your terrace up easily and stock your chairs in little place.

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