Valentine Day’s is coming pretty fast, you already know how are you spending the most romantic day of the year? We analyze the most popular options, give you some tip to check if it fits you or not

Valentine’s Day most popular option number one: go out for dinner and chek a restaurant with a modern and classy furniture.

A huge popular one, every restaurant proposes a special menu for this night, it is even extended the whole week for enjoying it even the week-end. Big advantage is that if you’re farsighted you can inquire on several places and find the best value.
Why is a good idea? Because for Valentine’s Day restaurants are also inflating prices. If you take the last minute offer maybe you’d left feeling like a patsy.

Hey, we’re not accusing bistros of being dishonest, at all. Often the price raise is justified by the kind of food they serving this day. Oysters and other seafood, smoked salmon, foie-gras, strawberries and Champaign…all reputed of being aphrodisiac and expensive. This is a win-win and explains why they’re always on restaurant menus on February 14th.

Should you go to the restaurant for Valentine’s Day?

Yes if…

-You’re a real foodie and you love to discover new places.
-You don’t like/ don’t know to cook.
-You absolutely forgot and have nothing planning for today and your partner is mad at you.
-The dinning tables and chair looks like the La Vida collection.

No if…

-You don’t want to spend your night with dozens of couples like you, doing the same thing at the same moment at the same place. “So, how did you meet, guys?”

Valentine’s Day most popular option number two: cooking at home with your cozy scandinavian style furniture.

So you’ve decided you better take half the money you’d spend in a restaurant and cook by yourself a candlelight dinner. Great, a popular option too for February 14th. Just be aware that you’re going to buy everything from A to Z. Starters, mind dishes, side dishes, dessert and drinks. And maybe flowers, chocolates or even the candles. You don’t want to try a new recipe for this day. If you screw it we can assure you that you won’t find any emergency spot in a restaurant that night. If you don’t want to end dinning a burger a pizza or a doner kebab, play it safe.

Should you cook dinner by yourself for Valentine’s Day?

Yes if…

-You’re a cordon-bleu, you love to cook.
- You have under your sleeve some impressive recipes that you master.

No if…

-Crunch your numbers; sometimes buying the ingredients may cost you more than dinning in a decent restaurant.

-Your place sucks. You don’t want to invite anyone to see your sloppy apartment. If you have an Artimes dinning set, then you’re ok.

Pros and cons about these two option. Have you already made your choice for Valentine’s Day?