Wooden furniture repair method

    ① crack repair method: fill in the gap between the oil lime, painted with the same color of paint. If the crack is longer, can be torn newspaper waste, add some alum and boiled water into a thick paste cooling after the coating on the cracks to smooth.

    ② scalding repair method: burned wood furniture will appear white cracks can be painted in the hot mark on some Vaseline, and then wipe clean dry and soft cloth for two days, can also be used a soft cloth dipped in alcohol, kerosene or toilet water, wipe hard . Female mouth fruit traces older, with the floor wax wipe can be removed.

    ③ charred repair method: with camphor oil smear scorch marks, or scratches the paint with a special brush furniture rubbed.

    ④ gloss recovery method: paint dark, soak a pot of tea, cooler, wipe with a soft cloth dipped, or wipe with Taomi Shui. Can also be used cotton or soft cloth dipped in low concentrations of alcohol or white wine wipe.

    ⑤ watermark elimination method: In the watermark prints cover clean damp cloth, carefully with hot bucket pressure hot cloth, so, gathered in the "watermark" in the water will evaporate out, the watermark disappears.

    ⑥ stripping prevention method: the use of new furniture, wipe the floor once again, and then wipe with a soft cloth, you can prevent paint stripping.