Bay window

     Restaurant windows

     To tell the truth, this is not possible to achieve in the ordinary family in China, if your family is big enough, you love enough to clean, you can try in the restaurant to a bay window, a family sit down to eat too warm feeling.

     Storage function bay window

     Contained in many forms, the bottom of admission, the surrounding cabinets, pets and other home. To ensure that the premise of beauty, books, small objects placed in the storage cabinet, want to read at any time to take, this feeling too comfortable. According to personal preferences to choose fabrics with flowers type, you want to pastoral style, Europe and the United States or the wind to see the sweet personality with the ability to slightly ~

      When the bay window into a bed

     In addition to rest, including the role of admission, but also the window into the bed Oh, but this project is slightly vast, need some transformation, not afraid of trouble and need a bed pro can try. During the day and sun, at night to see the stars, this is excellent!

     Bedroom bay window

     Normal people have a room at home with a bay window, bed for a long time to sleep, do not sleep when the window is particularly suitable for reading a daze, in their own small space is also a very happy short of all things.

     After work will be very tired, may wish to work in the area to open up a small bay window space, lying down to open a while Ye Hao. Of course, if you do not need to rest, then directly into the work of your desk window, simple and comfortable mood, but also a home landscape, according to the different directions of the bay window, the scenery outside the window is not the same.