General rattan furniture

Easy to deform normally do care

"Last summer spent more than 3000 yuan to buy a rattan furniture, but with a summer, furniture on the deformation of the businessmen said to be caused by improper use, refused to compensate." Readers Liu said.

A home selling professional outdoor furniture, said Lijing Li, rattan furniture with the plate, solid wood furniture, but also sub-quality advantages and disadvantages, rattan furniture made of rattan, the rattan with high-temperature steam, after the exquisite workmanship Technology weaving a variety of modeling furniture. The quality rattan furniture rattan thick, symmetrical and no variegated. Residual cane smaller, less tolerance, low tensile strength easily broken, easy to use after deformation. In the purchase of rattan furniture, depending on the overall color of rattan is not the same, the bonding site is not solid, the appearance is not correct. With a cushion of the rattan chair, to carefully observe the arc and the arc is not in line with the furniture, fabric drawing stitching is not structured, dental floss is not straight and so smooth. In addition, to ask good sources of rattan, the general rattan material in Indonesia is better, but the price is higher. In addition, the rattan furniture to be careful care, not in the sun exposure, otherwise it will fade deformation. But also in the use of a period of time to take care of, do pest control.

Inferior iron furniture

Easy to fall paint rotten rust is very important

"I live on the first floor, there are more than 30 square meters of garden, spend 5000 yuan to buy the iron outdoor furniture, after a summer, a lot of places are Diaoqi rot." Readers Mr. Pei said.

Iron furniture market is popular in the Middle East, Mr. Wang introduced, iron outdoor furniture is the general choice of consumers, but some small businesses only short-term interests, the production of iron furniture and welding and anti-corrosion standards. Iron outdoor furniture is basically the surface of its electroplating or oxidation treatment, the mechanical properties of the material itself is relatively strong, but also easy to wear. Consumers in the selection of the need to pay attention to the business must be in place to deal with anti-rust treatment, and protection of the role of the surface of iron furniture from the oxide layer is very easy to wear, to avoid the use of the surface of the furniture bump. Outdoor furniture welding process is in place, will also affect the quality of furniture, welding process requires a relatively high. If you want to avoid these drawbacks, the best place to buy professional.

General antiseptic wood furniture

Easy thermal expansion and contraction with ecological wood decoration

"My house has 12 square meters of terrace, decorated the terrace closed up, decorated with antiseptic wood outdoor furniture, the original business that pollution-free wood pollution.

A professional sales of professional sales of wood preservative wood manager, wood preservative compared to traditional materials, better reflect the close to the natural connotation, and create a warm taste of life, has gradually been recognized by consumers, outdoor furniture, the mainstream of raw materials, especially corrosion , Durable wood preservative for the best. There are many businesses doing anti-corrosion wood sales and decoration, but after all, wood preservative in recent years, the rise of outdoor furniture materials, many owners do not understand. Antiseptic wood high security, stability, long life, cost-effective, shortcomings is a long time after use, will be thermal expansion and contraction, and the material is not good wood preservative may be a certain toxicity. Therefore, if the family would like to use wood decoration on the terrace, may wish to use eco-wood, the same can reflect the characteristics of outdoor furniture.