Solid wood outdoor furniture

The first one: dust
Solid wood furniture to dust, dust every day because the friction of solid wood furniture surface, especially outdoor solid wood furniture. It is best to use a clean soft cotton, such as the old white T-shirt or baby with cotton and so on. Do not rub your furniture with sponges or dishwashing utensils. Dust, please use cotton after wringing wet, because the wet cotton cloth to reduce friction, to avoid scratching the furniture, but also help to reduce static electricity on the dust adsorption, help clear the surface of furniture dust. But should avoid moisture residues in the furniture surface, it is recommended to use dry cotton cloth and then wipe it again.

The second measure: clean
We recommend the use of special furniture cleaners in order to remove any stains on the surfaces of solid wood furniture caused by air contaminants such as fumes during cooking, stains during handling, and residues from glazing. This solvent also helps to remove excess wax.

The third measure: wax
Solid wood furniture is the need for regular waxing, every 3 months, a layer of wax on the furniture. Furniture in the use of polishing wax before, to check the paint surface is intact. For the newer solid wood furniture, first with a thin cotton cloth to wipe the surface of dust, for too long or difficult to remove the stain, cotton cloth dipped in a small amount of gasoline or alcohol wipe. And then with a small piece of cotton stained with a large amount of polish wax coated open, and then a larger piece of dry cloth by the circumferential block wax wipe evenly, before waxing, you should first use a more mild non-alkaline soapy water Old wax wipe, and the wax can not be too dense, otherwise it will plug the wood pores. Excessive waxing can also damage the appearance of the coating.