Outdoor rattan furniture

The cross-section of the rattan furniture is covered with fine ducts, so the moisture of the rattan furniture is very adequate, but the rattan furniture will become soft, the structure will be loose, the sitting surface will sag, and the weaving mesh will be easy to mold.
  The advantage of the rattan furniture is that if the damp is deformed, it will be fixed to the original shape with something, and it will return to the original place after being ventilated. So, when the rattan furniture damp down, you can think of ways to reduce its burden, clever and even support it, so to restore the original look is not a problem.
  Because the rattan furniture, more water, it is easy to provoke insects sojourn, then when you find the home of the rattan furniture, there are some local insects when the phenomenon? Pepper or pepper can be used to insecticidal moth, but also a lot of damage to the rattan furniture.
  Finally to give you a little advice, rattan furniture in the use of a period of time after the use of light salt water to wipe, both decontamination and can make its flexibility to maintain long-lasting, there are certain anti-brittle, anti-moth effect, the usual use of the environment to maintain Ventilation and dry, wet weather every half months or so in the sun under the light about to the surface of the rattan dry better, pay attention to not a long time exposure.