Outdoor furniture, timber installation and installation Raiders

As people on the outdoor garden living requirements rising, outdoor wood species also increased, from the wood preservative treatment, to wood and plastic composite materials, as well as in the 2010 World Expo just appeared in the bamboo fiber high pressure After the bamboo materials, are due to different characteristics and create a natural beauty of outdoor life a good choice.

Part1: outdoor carbonization depth of carbonization is very stable

Wood surface with a dark brown aesthetic effect, and has anti-corrosion and anti-biological invasion of the role, its low moisture content, not easy to absorb water, material stability, deformation, complete fat skim is not fat. Good heat insulation, simple construction, no special smell, is the ideal sauna material, and its anti-rot, anti-moth-eaten, anti-deformation cracking, high temperature performance has become an ideal outdoor pool view of the material. Is a real green building materials, environmental protection building materials.

1, the advantages of carbonized wood

Surface carbonization, anti-corrosion ability of anti-microbial invasion, and its surface carbide layer can be compared to wood paint, and highlight the surface of the convex grain. The depth of carbonization preservative wood inside and outside the same color, Fan soft and silk-like glossy, texture becomes more clear, feel warm. And processing performance, to overcome the shortcomings of the surface of the product pilling. Not easy to absorb water, low moisture content, is not cracking the wood. Resistant to moisture, non-degeneration, is an excellent moisture-proof wood.

2, the shortcomings of carbonized wood

Carbonized wood should not be used in contact with soil and water environment, compared with the untreated material grip nail down, it is recommended to use the first hole and then nail hole installation to reduce and avoid wood cracking. At the same time in the outdoor use of anti-ultraviolet wood oil is recommended to prevent the long course of time after the wood fade.

3, decoration tips

Surface charring wood is oxygen torch grill, so that the wood surface with a thin layer of carbonized layer, the performance of wood analogy to paint changes, so do not have outdoor anti-corrosion function. But can highlight the surface of the grain, resulting in three-dimensional effect, is a good decoration materials, also known as the process of carbonized wood, charcoal-burning. Deep carbonized wood is also known as fully carbonized wood, homogeneous carbonized wood. Is about 200 degrees after the high-temperature carbonization technology to deal with wood, it has anti-corrosion pest control function. Deep carbonized wood preservative does not contain any harmful substances, and will not use in the production process and the use of waste disposal on the human body, animals and the environment any negative impact, is truly green.