Outdoor furniture preferred material aluminum
      Outdoor furniture is a choice to be carefully chosen if you want it to keep, despite the weather fluctuation throughout the year, to keep its elegance, fashion and exquisite appearance. Aluminum has proven to be the most suitable material for this problem. According to the owner and the manufacturer, due to its durability and ability to withstand sustained weather risks. Unlike other metals, aluminum, when exposed to the air, try to develop an oxide layer of corrosion protection material. Although some aluminum is provided with a powder coating, it contains coating particles attached to the metal imparting its color and adding additional protective surfaces.

     Due to its resistance to moisture, heavy rain and bad weather, aluminum has become the most preferred material used in outdoor furniture sets. Even in the aviation and transportation industries, have recognized its reliability. In addition, we can not turn a blind eye to the brightness of aluminum. Aluminum, which leads to lower prices for that kind of furniture than other materials.

     Aluminum does not require a complicated cleaning method; you can lightly use mild soap and some warm water to clean, and then wipe with a rag, your task is completed. However, we have to remind you that you have never come into contact with the material with soda and may cause some loss. If you find the surface more rough or rugged, you can manage the surface of the lubricant and detergent by grinding with steel velvet and soup.

      You will find that maintenance instructions vary depending on the type of aluminum you are building. There are three different types depending on your style and different, the location of the furniture, you need it for the reason.
These types are:

1, forged aluminum: one of the pieces of the shape of the furniture specified by the way.

2, cast aluminum: it consists of molten aluminum into a preformed mold containing the desired shape of the hollow space. The result is usually very strong, so that they have to endure the storm and the storm.

3, tubular aluminum: furniture pieces are hollow, light weight, and easy to shape. It may last longer.
Aluminum as a courtyard furniture material, with unlimited advantages. It is non-toxic, sparkless, tough, insoluble, ductile and non-magnetic.