New furniture in addition to formaldehyde the best way

1 from the source to eliminate
Buy furniture, when the best to buy more environmentally friendly good quality furniture, cheap furniture, although the price is cheaper, but the quality will be a lot of problems, and poor quality furniture will use a lot of adhesive, containing large amounts of Formaldehyde and other harmful substances, the use of such furniture after the release of these harmful gases will be at home, endangering the health of his family.

2 plant removal method
The best home to breed some plants, plants have the role of air purification, plants in the sun can absorb carbon dioxide in the air, produce oxygen, to achieve the effect of fresh air. Like Chlorophytum, green radish, ivy and other plants can also adsorb a certain amount of formaldehyde, a lot of formaldehyde removal products is Chlorophytum and other plants developed from the extraction of liquid. However, the adsorption capacity of plants is limited, can only play a supporting role.

3 Ventilation removal method
No matter what the time, often open the window ventilation is always good. Especially after the newly renovated new homes and the acquisition of new furniture, formaldehyde and other harmful gas concentration will continue to rise, after ventilation can effectively reduce the density of harmful gases. It should be noted that it is best to open the door of the furniture or a drawer, which will help release the harmful gases inside.

4 activated carbon adsorption method
Activated carbon is an internationally recognized drug addict, activated carbon is also widely used in various fields, such as purification of pollution, gas masks and so on. Activated carbon has a strong adsorption capacity, cheap, but relatively easy to saturation.

5 air purifier
Air purifier has some effect, but the relatively high cost, use a few months later, the effect will be significantly decreased, and finally no effect. And when the air purifier power will be effective, no power is no effect, the restrictive is relatively large, it can not solve the enclosed space formaldehyde pollution.

6 grapefruit skin, pineapple skin in addition to formaldehyde
Many people can not bear the smell of new furniture, will eat grapefruit skin or pineapple skin to stay, and then into the corner of the room or furniture, so that the fragrance of fruit will cover other unpleasant smell, you can Relieve indoor odor. However, this approach palliative, the removal of formaldehyde in furniture and other harmful gases without any effect.