Living room furniture, how to display better

Living room furniture, how to put a better one, behind the sofa need patron

Sofa is a place to sit, if the sofa behind is empty, it means that people do not patron, so the sofa should not be no backing, if the sofa behind the empty, easy to make home money, difficult Wang Ding Wang Cai. If it is difficult to rely on the wall, you can choose to place the screen or short cabinet.

Living room furniture how to put better Second, the sofa should be placed in the lucky bit, such as the financial position
Sofa is the daily activities of the center of the family position, if placed in the gil bit, can make the whole family also infected with the position of Wang Qi. If the sofa can be placed in a house in the financial position will be the most favorable, because long-term sitting in the financial position, not only can make the family's overall wealth rise, but also allows everyone's body particularly healthy, if the sand on the peach Bit, you can let a person's popularity upgrade.

Living room furniture how to put better Third, the home can not put too much, the number of the size of the appropriate arrangements according to the living room
Home furnishings should not be placed too much, if the space is too crowded, will make the home flow line is not comfortable, is not conducive to the development of home transportation. Furniture placed, the furniture channel seven to eight bends, so that the family money not ring true.

Living room furniture how to display better Fourth, the furniture should try to use positive wood
Do not use the old houses of old wood furniture made, not to use the old coffin furniture, I believe that this will be very few people do it.

Living room furniture, how to put better five, the size of the room with the size of the room to fit, not too large or too small
All kinds of furniture in the room occupies space, not more than 50%, otherwise it will affect the normal flow of the house.