For home warming

Whirring of the north breeze, seems to have been prompted in the winter temperature, although the cold outdoors, the family must be warm up, then the home heating tips do?

     First, color

     Warm things always feel comfortable smile, warm colors always give people a sense of home, get rid of all the troubles, the cold winter and warm colors with more Oh.

     Second, pillow

     Pillow, winter essential goods. Weekend nest on the sofa to see the film, holding a small pillow and then comfortable.

     Third, the carpet

     Some children always like to run barefoot, cold winter is no exception, Ma Ma who inevitably have to worry about the baby, to a carpet, to create a warm, practical feeling, no longer have to worry about the cold touch of the floor.

     In the choice of carpet, we must pay attention to color and style with. Carpet and sofa can choose the same color, to maintain the overall consistency, of course, you can choose the color jump, add vitality to the entire space.

     Fourth, lighting

     The occasion of the cold weather, add a home to the lighting, soft lighting to create a warm atmosphere. After get off work at night, looked up to see a light upstairs waiting for you, home or so warm.

     Five, bedding

     Winter bedroom, the choice of bedding can not be ignored, should be warm and comfortable is appropriate, the weather cooler, the material should be cotton-based, warm and affinity, lying in bed at night immediately surrounded by warmth.

     Mattress bedding, girls Xinbao Peng, greatly enhance the indoors for the atmosphere. The small ornaments on the table, but also for the winter to add a lively atmosphere, an instant forget the positive winter.