wood furniture

1) the size of the furniture design drawings, while the design of good tenon structure and consider the physical principles of thermal expansion and contraction, you can start the.

2) recommended to do first coffee table, because the coffee table is like doing a table, used to make other furniture.

3) coffee table, dining table, TV cabinet table is best to use within 20cm of the plate to splice (with transparent wood glue, such as fish glue), the purpose of doing so is to prevent deformation of the table, table recommended thickness of 5cm, And TV cabinet panel thickness recommended 2.5cm.

4) Each piece of furniture in the polished, the first use of putty combined with the Ministry of the gap.

5) grinding. First sanded with 180-mesh sandpaper, and then use 240 or 360 mesh sandpaper and then polished, polished when the direction of playing along to do grain (remember not to horizontal grinding), the pencil marks, saw marks must be polished off (this is critical to Not painting will be spent), usually need to knock down 1-2 mm. Therefore, when you design the size, all the wood to be considered to be polished off part.

6) coloring. With varnish and color paste out of their favorite colors (for environmental reasons, I use all the wood oil), along with the grain direction brushing brush, remember to brush 30 to 40 minutes after the cloth with the wood Pattern direction wipe evenly. Varnish generally 6 hours after the dry, dry brushing again after brushing twice the purpose of color oil is to ensure uniform color. Each brushing a primary color will be deepened once, so you have to control the color when the primary color depth.

7) Detail processing. The transverse cross-section of the wood grain direction is polished with a 240-mesh sandpaper after finishing the coloring in order to maintain the smoothness of the cross section while maintaining the harmony of the color tone; secondly, the uneven color is complemented by the brush, Until the primary color coordination.

8) above the oil. With a colorless hard wood wax for brushing, the same 30 to 40 minutes after the cloth with wood grain direction evenly, hard wood wax oil generally 3 hours after the brushing again, completely dry after the use of linen Polished (you can also use 2000 purpose sandpaper), remember not to wear through the finish.

9) supernatant oil. With a brush on the clear oil, the same 30 to 40 minutes after the cloth with wood grain direction evenly.

10) Polishing. Polishing is the last process, with fine silk cloth type of grain along the direction of polishing, until you feel good so far.

11) the best to add one, order the attention of wood moisture.