On the love of the sun, the fresh air of nature, friends, have their own outdoor furniture is a must. So how to choose outdoor furniture, which is the primary problem we face.

Now there are three main types of outdoor furniture: one is permanently fixed out, one can be moved, there is a can be carried. Because the three kinds of outdoor furniture at different times, so they have different needs in the selection, and now we mainly introduce the second and third choice of outdoor furniture.

Because most of the time outdoors, so the first choice is the first outdoor furniture, solid and durable. Which requires us to choose the material is very strict. Be sure to choose good quality, strong, durable material. Here I give you a kind of rattan material - West vine. Affordable, dirty look like a brush, durable and practical.

Second, the selected material, the outdoor furniture and our room and the surrounding environment of the room coordination, relevance is also very important. This requires us to choose to start from their own home improvement, choose a suitable style of outdoor furniture.

Third, outdoor furniture, when it is optional mobility is also very important. Outdoor furniture out of the permanent fixed furniture, the other two are mobile, which requires us to move it on the flexibility of a good grasp.

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