The arrival of the summer, the number of swimming we have gradually become more. Swim tired to rest is sure to have a comfortable pool recliner, in order to more enjoy the fun of swimming. A pool of loungers allows you to enjoy a pleasant stay all year round. So what kind of pool recliner is more comfortable?

Pool chairs can be divided into: solid wood loungers, plastic recliners, imitation rattan chairs.

Solid wood recliner is a natural material, more able to show a quality of life, but solid wood recliner after wet is not easy to dry, so solid wood recliner is usually used in indoor swimming pool.

Plastic loungers are easy to fold, easy to carry, and do not consider rain and other factors.

There is a kind of imitation rattan chair, and this kind of recliner shape like rattan reclining chair, but the material is pe rattan. Both to show the quality of life, in the outdoors and do not have to worry about wind and rain.