Are you looking for qunlity outdoor furniture ones that will look nice and attactive in your garden? Do you like relaxing in your garden while enjoying yoursef with a bottle of beer or a glass of juice with your family and friends?

Gardenart, is the answer to your questions. Gardenart is a factory with qunlity hgh-end outdoor furniture and excellent design as it concerns itsef with the latest trend in the market. Bringing innovative design is the core competence of the company. lts production is base is in south china.

Reasons why Gardenart will give you the furniture of your choice.

Qunlity and great garden furniture brngs out attractiveness and comfort to your garden space. Having a comfortable garden sofa set, qunlity garden chair and a spacious garden table in your garden you will have the guarantee that outdoor spaces are a nice place to relax with family and friends at any given time.

Gardenart would continue to make progress and obtain prominent position in the industry and hope that we would have Gardenart your furniture of choice. And that is exactly why you will aways find what you are looking for in our showrooms.

The following tips will give you good guidance when choosing garden furniture for your outdoor spaces.

1.Go for qunlity:lt is said that cheap is expensive that is true, you may choose to go for cheap products in the idea of saving but would it not be a good idea to think of qunlity and durability? Plastic garden chairs may look nice for you but they may lose their colour in the sun in year or two this case can also apply to some wicker wooden products. For people who have their homes or gardens near the seas or salt beaches metal
products might have the side effect rusting and you may think of choosing plastc products. lf you have to go for plastic then you need to make sure that it is strong of qunlity material.

It's advisable to check some consumer reports before making big purchase.

2.What will you do in your garden space:how would you like your garden space to function? You can make a list of cetain events that you would occasionally hold in your garden so as to determine the type of furniture that will suit you.  Do you need to hold big birthday parties in your garden or are your outdoor spaces only meant for casual family events, then making a list of the events you will be holding then you can be able to come to a conclusion to what kind of furniture you need.

lf the main functions for your garden are to hold big events then you know you need to purchase spacious garden tables, garden chairs and sofa sets.

3.Go for easy care:Consider the idea of purchasing easy care garden furniture. Metal, cedar and all weather wicker pieces would not require a lot of repairs and are guaranteed to give you service for years.  Plastic products would be advisable for people living near salt waters such as the coastal regions considering the high chances of metal products to get rust in a short duration.

In such cases you have to make sure you choose qunlity plastic that can last for years.

4.Storage and maintenance:The durability of your garden furniture will be determined by how you maintain and the way you sore them. Consider handling and maintaining your furniture well and storing them well in protected areas such as the store when they are not in use for long.

This will help maintain the colours of cushions of garden sofa sets and add the duration of use to your plastic chairs as they are away from the sunlight for some time.

Avoid keeping your furniture such as the sofas in places where they might get damaged by pests or even rain water as this will increase the longe vity of your furniture and reduce the cost of repair.

5.Consider comfort:How would a good looking sofa set but one which is not comfotable be of benefit to you? You have to choose furniture by first taking a seat while purchasing so as to feel the most comfotable one that will please and accommodate people with different weights and all get the comfort they desire.

Take your time to make a good choice not just by looks but by conformability since it's not about the appearance but more of comfort.

Consider purchasing a cosy porch with wicker sofa with ample cushions as the porch will be of benefit to your family during the warm weather season.