Furniture maintenance

1、Dust removal

 Often with a soft cotton cloth along the direction of the wood texture to wipe the dust on the surface of furniture. In the dust before, you should dip in the soft cloth on the cleaning agent, careful not to wipe with a dry cloth, so as not to rub flowers. Separated from time to time, wring the dry water with the wet cotton silk furniture at the corner of the fine dust wipe the net, and then wipe the whole body of wood furniture again, and then clean dry soft cotton wipe dry. Can also be wiped dry coated with a thin layer of high-quality light wax, do not only maintain the wooden furniture, but also increase its brightness.


To remove contaminants from the furniture surface and soot traces, it is recommended to use a special furniture cleaner, which can also help remove the excess wax.


 Apply a small amount of varnish on the cloth, in the furniture to a quick glazing is very fast, but after the furniture often need to dust twice. Oil attracts dust rather than dust. Therefore, once the furniture because of the beauty of oil shine after the change, it will soon become dusty. And many of the dust and oil together, resulting in furniture is extremely difficult to clean, but prone to scratches. Liquid waxes are better than polishes in a way that they create a protective layer on the surface of the wood that slides rather than sticks, but does not last as long as sand wax.

 4、Repair small scratches

 For veneer furniture and solid wood furniture, patching them is very simple: just buy a wax stick in your local store and try to choose the color that best matches the color of your wood. As long as the color will be painted in the scratches, your work is complete. Wax will help you protect your furniture from all kinds of attacks, its color can also hide scratches. And then this part of the area of ​​furniture on a wax, to ensure that the wax has covered the scratches, not painted on the bare wood.

5、Water mark treatment

Water marks usually go through a period of time to disappear. If it remains visible after one month, wipe it with a clean soft cloth coated with a small amount of salad oil or mayonnaise in the direction of the grain. Or can be covered with a wet cloth on the mark printed on, and then carefully press the wet cloth with iron several times, marking can be diluted.