Do you like to buy bamboo or wood

1, the appearance and solid wood is no different

Bamboo color natural, flexible, able to moisture, high hardness, easy to be processed into various types of furniture. Remember the Beijing Olympic Games Olympic Committee Chairman Rogge office furniture selection? Ming and Qing style, all hand carved, it is not mahogany furniture, but heavy bamboo furniture. The so-called heavy bamboo, is to pull the bamboo into the silk and then pressed from its density and hardness than the bamboo set of furniture even higher, almost comparable with the old mahogany furniture.

2, the advantages of many

Bamboo knots clear and beautiful, even the surface of bamboo aggregates, there are natural dense straight texture, bamboo patchwork, very beautiful. Bamboo Glulam production through a certain degree of hydrothermal carbonation, finished product sealing is good, can effectively prevent the moth and mildew.

Bamboo moisture absorption, heat absorption performance is higher than wood, corrosion resistance, not easy to wear, not easy to deformation, harder than the wood dense, higher bending strength, texture and elegant style, can automatically adjust the environmental humidity and moisture, thermal conductivity Low, with Dongnuanxialiang characteristics. Bamboo is not dust, no condensation, easy to clean the characteristics, so that it avoids the breeding of mite bacteria, especially for people with allergies.

Bamboo also has the function of absorbing ultraviolet light, if the use of bamboo furniture, living in the room when the eyes have a sense of comfort, can prevent myopia and other eye disease occurrence and deterioration. And bamboo with a good sound-absorbing sound insulation characteristics, can effectively remove the noise, so that the room appears to be more quiet.

3, the price is moderate

Traditional bamboo furniture used in the traditional bamboo without any modern anti-corrosion treatment, it is prone to insects, cracking and even rotten and other issues, so the bamboo furniture furniture market ignored, the price is not high.