outdoor furniture material

Now, our quality of life has been greatly improved, in order to enhance the comfort of life, a variety of furniture also appeared in our daily lives, in recent years, outdoor furniture is very popular, then common Of the outdoor furniture material which have it?

Outdoor furniture material - wood preservative
In the face of harsh external environment, ordinary wood can not resist the erosion of mold, rain, etc., easy to rot, and the use of preservatives poison wood after preservative wood, wood decay can prevent decay function of wood. It is in a vacuum state, by high-pressure anti-corrosion agent into the wood tissue cells, tightly mixed with its cell fibrous tissue, and the agent will not be released. Currently preservatives are CCA / ACQ, CCA main component of copper Ge arsenic, ACQ is the main component of ammonia dissolved alkylamine copper. Because it maintains the same characteristics, color and texture with ordinary wood, so in the outdoor gardening environment is quite extensive. Antiseptic wood in addition to special anti-corrosion, but also has anti-termites, fungi, anti-corrosion of the three basic functions. Antiseptic wood also has good permeability, anti-loss characteristics of strong, but also can inhibit the treatment of wood moisture content changes, reduce the degree of wood cracking. Wood preservative is outdoor and garden ground platform, guardrail, pavilion, rattan frame, tables and chairs, comedy and so on.
Outdoor furniture material - wood
Plastic-wood, also known as "wood-plastic composite materials", as the name suggests can be understood as the main raw material for plastics to replace the wood of a material, it is by the plastic and wood chips in a ratio of approximately 1: 1 made. Its application can save a lot of natural wood, is conducive to protecting the ecological environment, because of the natural fiber composition, wood has a better UV resistance (UV) performance and lower thermal expansion and contraction performance. Plastic wood has anti-corrosion properties, more difficult to crack wood preservative, moldy, more green, longer life characteristics, suitable for outdoor use in harsh conditions. Relative to the wood, wood and plastic materials, better stability, with the installation is simple, without the advantages of paint coloring. In appearance because of its surface with a simulation of wood texture and color perception, it has become an alternative to the ecological environment-friendly logs.

Now, outdoor furniture styles and materials are very much, different materials, outdoor furniture also has different characteristics, we can choose one.