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Note 1:

        Do not buy furniture with strong irritating smell. Some furniture, such as cabinets, etc., when opened in the open drawer or open the door when the smell was stimulating people to tears, this situation indicates that the formaldehyde content of the furniture seriously exceeded. This furniture is very harmful to the body, generally do not recommend buying. If the purchase of such furniture because of conditions, it is best left to set aside some time.

Note 2:

        The price is relatively low, Kanjia particularly easy not to buy. The other do not say, Kanjia so easy to think about certain there is a problem, some furniture prices are particularly cheap, and sometimes Kanjia thousands of dollars, and even Kan, in fact, most of such furniture is the use of a large number of low-quality low- Materials produced, often Jinyu, the foul of them, consumers seemingly cheap to be careful.

Note 3:

        Made of wood-based panel furniture did not do all the edge processing do not buy. Any use of wood-based panel made of furniture components on the edge of the restrictions are very strict, especially furniture made of particleboard furniture should require all the edge, so you can limit the release of harmful substances in the wood-based panel, but many manufacturers in order to Saving materials, have only done a partial edge, this furniture is best not to buy.