Bookcase maintenance should pay attention to what?

For those who love books, bookcase is a tool for incorporating books. In daily life, how to improve the life of the bookcase, regular maintenance and cleaning is unavoidable. Xiao Bian bring you to look at the daily maintenance of the bookcase need to pay attention to some of the issues.

Bookcase maintenance

1, often keep the door clean, the track can not have debris, dust.

2, should prevent heavy objects and sharp hit the touch track, scratched the cabinet and the door, the cabinet edge can not touch the water and other liquid solvents, so as not to edge off.

3, and more let its breathable, or regular use of dehumidifier, so as not to cabinet, books, damp bacteria. Less fragrance containing chemical agents for the bookcase in addition to taste, because they are likely to cause damage to the fabric.

4, light rail door pulley to use a long time to issue a sound is normal, in order to ensure lasting pulsation smooth mute, every 2-3 months regularly add some lubricants along the pulley.

5, in the bedroom air or the weather is too wet, the regular open doors and windows ventilation and placed in the corner of the bookcase dry lime or other desiccant to prevent the cabinet and the door mold and deformation.

6, do not place the bookcase in direct sunlight, so as not to wood deformation or embrittlement in the light.

7, in the purchase, the selection of drawers, cabinet closet high degree of furniture, is the best strategy to reduce dust.

8, prolonged use of sliding doors, dust may be a slight phenomenon of glue down, double-sided adhesive can be used; the next track locator to take the place gap can be aligned with a flat-head screwdriver to the side of the board to push Sliding to the right slant, then turn the right tune the left end of the round of the "loose" sign or the right end of the round of the "tight" signs Department.