When you are lucky enough of having a nice garden, patio or terrace decorated with high-quality furniture, you probably want to spend as much time as possible out there. Fact is that sometimes we have to face some harsh weather conditions that reduce your time in your places. Now we are not telling you to spend an entire evening out there, you'll probably get sick, but you can spend a nice little moment watching the rain (or the snowflakes!) fall before you feel the urge to get inside.

1-Fire up! And sit around with outdoor chairs.
Yes, some gardens and patio furniture can host a little pit-fire and this is the more poetic and cool of decorations. You can place a small stove too. Or light your barbecue! Electric or charcoal, the matter is going to give off a pleasant heat anyway. Take advantage of it and create the sweetest moment burning some marshmallows on it. To roast them, please seat comfortably in a Luis aluminum dinning chair.

2-Some Fur over your styled sun loungers.
Faux fur, of course. No place for discussion here, nowadays you can find some very good faux fur blankets that will give you as much heat as a real one.
We would like to advice against wool or other natural raw materials, because they’re not as good as the fake ones supporting the harsh outdoors conditions. Remember, for outdoors textiles always choose man-made fabrics, at least if you want some durable materials. Our Cosmo sun lounger can be a good place to drop a blanket on.

3-Hot beverages on the scandivanian design coffee tables.
Yep, a long hot Americano will make the affaire to heat you up, but it lacks insanely of charm. Try to innovate and take your coffees to the next level, maybe with a simple cappuccino but really overflowing milk mousse. Or maybe a chai latte tea with some spices. Try to imitate your favorite coffee shop recipe like a pumpkin spice latte.

Whatever you choose just make sure that you carry it outside well protected in a good thermos, otherwise it will quickly freeze and lose it heating powers. And serve them on a patio coffee table like the one in Rosyland collection.

4-Screens for protect your terrace furniture.
Sometimes the outside temperature is quite tolerable but we have some freezing wind that makes you feel like Siberia. A solution? Just put some screens on strategic places.

For a terrace in an apartment, just consider the idea of screwing it in a permanent way so you can get some privacy from your neighbors.
If you’re placing it in a garden and you don’t want to make a permanent fix, just make sure that you place some heavy rocks or similar to weight it down. We don’t want it to fall over your head or worse that it flies away. Bamboo screen will match nicely with our resin dinning chair Visby.

5-Good company on our comfortable outdoor sofas.
The best company to warm you up is…human heat! Invite your friends drink a latte macchiato under you faux-fur blanket. You can enjoy even more the moment roasting some marshmallows on your pit fire like stated on suggestion number one.

And of course invite your fiancé (é) to join you under the blanket for a real hot moment. After all, Valentine’s Day is approaching. Both of you will be comfortably seated in the Honeycomb two seater sofa.