Wanna have more fun outside this summer, some of must-have to-do reference from Gardenart. There are outdoor elements garden art for sale.

Very soon, the summer time of the year is toward the end, enjoy your last summer time to fire up the grill, cold drink in hand, and savor a slower pace.
For most important thing of all, adopting a few ideas of summer that put the good stuff at the top of your to-do list.

1. Spent an afternoon with a good book reading.
In France and Spain moist summer days, It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that if we’re not doing something that produces a tangible result, we’re not doing something worthwhile.
But that’s simply not true.
Especially in summer, when the days are long and sticky-hot, an afternoon (or even just an hour) spent immersed in a good book with a tall glass of iced tea by your side is time to be treasured.

2. If you reading ourside, I will encourage your reading in bed.
Give your kids the opportunity to make their own memories of reading magic by stocking bedtime baskets with their favorite books plus a headlamp —
it’s more practical to use than a flashlight but no less fun.

3. spend more time looking at garden than staring at my phone.
Give your eyes a break this summer by intentionally putting down your devices and gazing out at the scenery instead.
Simply observing your garden quiets the mind and feeds the soul, you just find - the observant gardener is more likely to catch little problems before they turn into big problems.

4. make yourself a fancy-looking drinks.
Make yourself some freshly squeezed juice, a smoothie or a shrub and top it off with a spear of fresh fruit, a colorful straw or an umbrella.
Then sit back and savor your treat. Recommand ceramic outdoor table from our gardenart local shop.

5. If you have funny stuff, take it outside.
One of the favorite things about summer is that anything you can do inside is almost always better done outside.
So whether your child is into reading, chalk drawing, craft projects, Lego building or tea parties, bring it all outdoors and enjoy your activity in the fresh air.
Just be sure you have enough shade and that everyone stays hydrated.