Happy Easter Day

Easter is here, are you ready? Easter means celebrations and family, but we specially love the fact that they set the beginning of warmer days. How cool is that you can enjoy your garden furniture again?


1 - The eastern meal

The typical eastern French meal is roasted lamb with flageolets (sort of green bean) and the omelette flambée, a sweet omelette cooked with sugar and flamed rum. So, your majestic roasted lamb deserves a dignified place to be served, a high-quality aluminium table would be great. Our advice goes for Garden Art’s model ORLANDO. It is an aluminium garden table big enough to host all your guests. Its measurements? 220X110 cm, everyone will be at ease.
Add the creative chairs SPADE and your guest will enjoy the classiest meal ever. Indeed, the rounded shape of SPADE garden chairs is beautiful and innovative. The union of aluminium and rope, makes them the perfect garden set. And they’re so cosy that you can use them for meals or for having coffee chat place after-meal, a modern garden salon.

2 - The Coffee chat meal

Yes, because after a hearty Eastern Meal coffee is mandatory. Simply dispatch coffee tables here and there on your terrace, so everyone has a place to leave their coffee cups. Our EXPLORER aluminium coffee tables are perfect for that. Even the children can have their eastern chocolate eggs on the EXPLORER coffee table because they’re so easy to clean. Just pass a humid sponge and your aluminium coffee table to clean it, easy peasy!


3 - The Egg Hunt

Let the egg hunt begin! The littles ones are going to have fun and sweet time. They even can enjoy their chocolates comfortably seated on our NEVERLAND three seats and three backs sofa. This sofa made in teak and aluminium, is available in three colours. Black is less afraid of chocolate bunnies, but in case of need, you can just check our post « How to take care of your garden angle sofa ».
Anyway, pay attention. The terrace sofa NEVERLAND is very comfy, so don’t be surprised if you find someone asleep on it. And we are not talking exclusively of little ones.

4 - Relishing chocolate eggs

As the days ends, try to catch some of the last sunshine’s dispatching some lounge chair on strategical sunny places. Our PURE lounge chair is perfect as outdoor furniture. Thanks to its UV treatment they can stay outdoors and keep their colours as new. Hide some Easter eggs under the PURE aluminium lounge chair and let all the kids eat the chocolate together. Its aluminium structure makes it especially resistant to carry all your chocolate belly kids. To clean it, just take your hose and let it air dry. Your PURE lounge chair will look as brand new!